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Our electricians in Dallas, Tx are often called upon to perform electrical upgrades in homes and businesses. In fact, in today’s economy, it’s more and more common to upgrade your existing structure than to sell it and buy another one. Below highlights just some of the many electrical services and electrical repairs that we provide.Codes

There are some properties, especially commercial ones, that cannot be put on the real estate market if they don’t meet local and state electrical codes. This can be a major expense, keeping you from being able to move on to better facilities for your business. Commercial upgrades will mean that your building is brought up to code and is, therefore, safer to work electricians

Your home must meet electrical codes, too. For example, most older buildings are built with knob and tube wiring. Insurance companies will no longer insure a building with this type of wiring, and you can’t get a loan on a house without insurance. Electrical upgrades will replace the old knob and tube wiring with modern electrical harnesses, eliminating the fire hazard that accompanies outdated wiring. Knob And Tube Wiring

Electrical wiring was, at one time, insulated with cloth that was saturated in asphalt. Then, the wires were strung through the attic and interior wall space and wrapped around ceramic knobs used as insulators. This was safe, but over the decades, the insulation dries out and flakes off. This leaves exposed wires that can cause fires and create shock hazards. In addition, rodents love to feast on the insulation of this type of wiring, increasing the danger.GFI Circuits

Older homes usually don’t have GFI circuits. Ground Fault Interrupt is a type of outlet that immediately disconnects the electrical flow if a fault occurs, such as a short. These are now required in any outlet that is within reach of a water source. If your home does not have GFI circuits in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom, it is not up to code, and you probably won’t be able to resell it. Electrical upgrades, done by licensed electricians, will bring your home up to code.The Process of Electrical Upgrades

You may find that your electrical upgrades are not as invasive as you fear. Electricians can use the existing outlets and switches to pull new wires through, often without having to disturb the finish on the walls and ceilings. They can run additional wiring with minimum invasion to your spaces. Most older homes are woefully lacking in the number of outlets available, since they were built in decades before the abundance of electronics we have today. In fact, some homes don’t even have ceiling fixtures. This will require your electrician to make his own installations and hookups. This is often done with a wiring harness installed in the attic. From this harness, the electrician can run the wiring for each room to its appropriate spot, and even come in and add wiring later if needed.Breaker Boxes

All of this extra electrical power will need to be routed through a breaker box. Your existing breaker system may be sufficient, but it’s best to have it checked out. Most codes call for the breaker system to be bigger than what is needed for the electrical supply to the house. However, if you do need an updated breaker system, More info: