archives1_461644_7The photograph of Lille Ingrid Peterson taken some 70 years before did not show any anxiety but the twinkle in the eye and the smile on the lips were evident. This was her citizen photograph that she achieved after 45 years she was away from her native, Sweden. She achieved this feat when she was 62 years, a housewife with five children. Monmouth Beach was her home during the beginning of the 1900s and she was one among the 35,000 who became a citizen of Monmouth County, all spread over a span of 200 years. The record books have etched the details for the future citizens to learn.

lsNaturalization records do not offer just information about a county but the country as a whole. The good news for immigrants is around 4000 immigrants will take their Oath of Allegiance this weekend in the naturalization ceremonies in the country. The naturalization records were retrieved by Christine Giordano Hanlon, a clerk at Monmouth County after she took over the position in April. It was after that she realized that the records have to be preserved and cared properly. She found out that the first few naturalization records were written using feather quill pen.

Around 80 books were retrieved and stored on the shelves in the office of Christine. She also wanted to place the records in the archives of the county. As per the records, Luke Reily was the first naturalized citizen of Monmouth County. The person applied for citizenship in the year 1798 but was granted naturalization in the year 1804.

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